Meet Guest Instructor Suellen Northrop

Background & Teaching Philosophy 

The big picture of Suellen Northrop’s Bio includes a career in physical education before becoming a Head Golf Professional, a Director of Golf, a Director of Instruction, an integral in the design of a learning center, a mini tour player, an LPGA National Teacher Evaluator, a creator of golf schools, corporate clinic programs and co-creator of ProMotion; interactive clinics for club members and corporations. She holds numerous technology certifications including Trackman, S.A.M. Putt Lab and the very hard to attain Level 2 Plane Truth Instructor.

All that is interesting but how does it impact YOU?                                                                                                         

Perhaps it’s a different approach…OR, maybe it’s a similar approach EXPERIENCED differently…..a lesson with Suellen Northrop is an experience with both a teacher and a coach and provides POSITIVE results FAST. “What if you could really improve your ball striking in just 3 balls? “

A bold question? Here is another question; do you learn other things relatively quickly? Why is progress in golf so slow for most players? Are you working on the right thing? How about in the best, most efficient way possible?  Suellen Northrop’s resume is a lifetime of studying people, how they learn, and how to apply golf information that is practical, applicable, and immediate. The result is the background and knowledge of a teacher with the mindset of a coach.

Are you new to golf and feel it is overwhelming and intimidating? Have you played a while and make theSAME mistakes over and over again? Are you an accomplished player who struggles to “take it to the course” or believes they could improve their tournament performance?

 Over the years Suellen has worked with 13 different LPGA Tour players as well as mini tour players on the men’s and women’s tours. Playing preparation for the course is part of PLAYING golf whether you are very experienced or new to the game.

Play Better FASTER! Sounds good, why wait? We invite you to have a learning experience like none you have had before…guaranteed.

Suellen Northrop

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