Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Fitness Evaluation

Fix your body, fix your swing!

“Your Fitness Level will set the ceiling  for your golf potential” ~ Dr. Rick Jensen

Evaluation Includes:

  • Physical evaluation
  • Swing evaluation with video analysis
  • Videos & Written discroptions of your Golf specific workouts that can be done at home

The evaluation will take 1 hour. Afterwards, you will be emailed a detailed physical evaluation and an access code to the TPI professional website where you will find the best cutting edge golf, fitness and nutrition information available today, plus a calendar listing your specific workout sessions. Each exercise/stretch will have a written explanation, pictures and videos you can watch. The program is tailored to fix your specific weakness whether you lack strength, balance, mobility or stability.

So far, my students have been amazed at the differences they feel after just 2 weeks! Not only will it help you make the swing changes you’ve always wanted, but you’ll feel better overall! Sign up for your TPI evaluation today by calling or emailing Sheryl!

TPI Information TPI Information (32 KB)

Mental Golf Profile

Want to gain that Mental Edge?
Check out the Mental Golf Workshop Profile! Numerous Tour players and top amateurs are using the program to take their games to the next level. After filling out a brief on-line questionnaire, you will receive an in-depth analysis of the following areas:

  • Your Unique Golf Temperament
  • Course Management
  • Pre-round Preparation
  • Playing Shots
  • Working with Instructors
  • Golf Fitness Tendencies

The program will identify concrete ways for you to improve in each key area. After taking the Profile I was truly impressed with how accurate and helpful it was!

Mental Golf Profile Cost: $79.95

Sign up for a Series of Lessons and the cost is just $65~Ask Sheryl for a special discount code Click here for more information.

THNQ Golf ~ Golf Training for the Mental Side of the Game!

I’m so excited to announce I’ve partnered with THINQ to bring my students the latest in Mental Golf training ~ students will have access to practical Brian Games, Workbook Training, Competitions, Monthly webinars with Experts in the field, plus more! Students who sign up for a Series will receive a discount on annual membership.  For more info click here:  THINQ GOLF/Amaizing Golf